Assalamualaikum Dear Tahreeki Rufqa
As you know, we are going to attend All India Conference 23-25 February 2018 so some important suggestion I want to make.
1- List of important item to keep along with you.
a) Tickets of train/plane of both directions, please check date, time, train number. Sometimes it is confusing.
b) One identity card like Aadhar/voter Id etc. Don’t carry all types of identity card with you, in case of loss you will lose all.
c) Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, paper soap, hair oil, itr, soorma etc.
d) Towel, clothes for one week. Don’t take too much cloths, it will be heavier but keep all the necessary cloths. Keep in mind that there is still winter season in Delhi so keep your clothing accordingly.
e) Blanket, bedsheet etc.
f) Try to avoid shoes because you will need Chappal and sleeper anyway and it will become heavier to carry. So try to keep good quality Chappal and always keep watch of it. More than 20,000 people are coming so always take care of your stuff. Otherwise once the things are misplaced it is difficult to get it back.
g) Keep a good quality bag, check it’s zip, handle etc whether it is robust or not. Take precaution and don’t overload. Keep everything in the bag arranged.
h) Mobile phone, camera(optional), mobile charger, earphone etc. Try to keep mobile on battery saver mode because you may not get enough charging point there and may be in train. It is advisable to not spend much time on phone like what’s app or fb, it is a good opportunity for all of us to intermixed with people and get to know many people who will come from different parts of India as well as learned and experienced people. If you are going first time out of your state please check for the roaming plan of your sim.
i) ATM card and change money. Please keep change money because it is very difficult to get change money everywhere and people in North India specially Delhi are not as cooperative as in our place(note it is for precaution not for making fun of them)
j) keep the list of item so you can check it and always keep watch on it.
k) chain and lock to keep things safe.

2- If you are travelling in group then some points must be followed.
a) chose one ameer for safar, and always follow him. Don’t go anywhere without prior informing him. Some time because of one person behaviour whole group suffers. Don’t try to be that person.
b) Have your plan already prepared, where to go whom to meet. Don’t waste your unnecessary time in the safar in planning.
c) try to be calm and soft in safar, don’t be short or hot tempered. Try to follow discipline even if it goes against your wishes.
d) Always follow zonal and central instructions.
e) don’t use the stuffs of other person like mobile charger etc without informing him.
f) Don’t discuss unnecessary things while travelling especially to unknown person. Always follow rules of railway, traffic etc. Try to respect the sentiment of other people otherwise we may suffer. Try to be cooperative with other passenger. If it is night don’t discuss unnecessary things and disturb others.
g) Praying while travelling is important but try not to disturb other passenger. If possible pray in jamaat, if not pray individually. But don’t leave namaaz. Try to combine two prayers, use short surah in safar. Our prayer shouldn’t disturb other passenger.
h) Take light and healthy food.
i) keep your eyes and tongue safe while travelling. Have fun but within Islamic Limits.
j) when reach in Delhi be Ware of auto walas of Delhi. If you are not careful* they may loot you.* Always note down auto number before travelling, use Google map and negotiation techniques. Better to use ola/uber if you are not aware of Delhi. Otherwise use bus, metro. Use Google map to know exact location.
k) After reaching venue first thing try to find place allotted to you. You can take rest, get fresh. Our program is starting after Juma so you may plan to utilise your time before Juma as well.
l) give good suggestion to ameer but don’t take you own step without his permission.

3- Something for program.
A) Have a look at program copy and attend accordingly.
B) Always note down important point.
C) While program is going don’t plan for other things
D) in case of any uneasiness inform ameer immediately. There may be medical help in program.
E) Utilise your time wisely.

4- Something for Delhi and agra tour
A) plan you tour and try to read history and other details of that place before going. Like tajmahal, jama masjid, Lal Qila, Qutub minar.
B) Don’t plan for the places which is find everywhere like zoo, garden etc. You will find same kind of animal in all the zoos, same plant and flower in all the garden. If you have enough time then it is OK. Try to visit unique places of Delhi and agra.
C) Keep a list ready what to buy there like books, cloths and other stuffs.
D) special dishes of Delhi and proximity.

5- read dua of safar

You can add more points. May Allah make your journey safer and successful ameen.
Salah Ahmad Sabri
President SIO PCMC, Pune, SIO South Maharashtra zone.