Conference Theme

India is a country of diverse religions, culture, languages & customs. It is very essential to learn these diversities. If one were to understand the prevalent religious values, arts, literature, religious practices, histories of religious Gurus, then one will have to understand this great Nation. Mutual understanding, respect & trust are essential for social progress in the context of the pluralistic societal structure of India. This can be achieved only if ignorance & misconceptions are dispelled. The main objective of the conference is to help students to focus on Communal Harmony & Nation Building by giving them a better understanding of Plural India. The conference will bring together the educationists, religious leaders, students, youth leaders, teachers & other interest groups. The conference sessions will focus on the role of individual in peace building, conflict resolution theory & comparative religion.

Sub themes

  • Tolerance, Pluralism & Social Cohesion in Hinduism & Islam
  • Religious Values and Socio Economic Development
  • Concept of God in Major Religions
  • Gender discourse in Hinduism & Islam

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