Reclaiming Dignity- Designing future

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For a community, one of the most disastrous perils of harsh circumstances and challenging times is to lose its dignity. If the dignity and self-confidence of a community is intact, it can rise from the ashes to the new heights of glory and can again prevail in the world. For such a community, obstacles become challenges; the stress of adversities, unravel their hidden strengths & potentials; the roadblocks push them to the discovery of new ways and with a renewed confidence, they embark on a new journey of success by opening up the new doors of opportunities.

On the contrary, if self-esteem and self-confidence are lost, even a small deterrent becomes a mountainous impediment; morale is dropped and vulnerability is increased. The frustration and disenchantment drive them to a range of compromises and retreats. Emotional shocks, disappointment, cynicism and psychosis become chains in their feet. Such communities are destined to vanish in the dustbin of history.

For the followers of Islam, no doubt, the current situation in our country and across the world is extremely challenging. The biggest goal of their enemies is to exploit this situation and deprive them of their dignity. They intend to impair our self esteem; so that we become cynical about Islam, its principles and Values and its ideological foundations and start developing stigma to our own identity.

When the dignity and self-esteem is lost, the communities no longer remain in charge of their own affairs and their own future. They tend to handover their future to the external circumstances and develop a reactionary mindset. They stop dreaming about their future and no longer live for such dreams.  Having a vision and moving ahead step by step, with eyes set on that vision, remain no longer possible for them. Each of their actions is always in reaction to someone else’s action or provocation. They live in the shadow of the real or unreal fear of the conspiracies of their enemies. They become sciophobic and start scaring their own shadows.

One of the most valuable blessings of Allah on His believers is the Gift of Iman. The Iman in Allah never let us lose the hope.  Connection with Almighty Allah is the ultimate source of incredible Self-Confidence, Dignity and Self Esteem. Howsoever gigantic the catastrophes may be, a man of faith neither stumbles nor strays.  He never gets belittled in his own eyes. The faith instils in us the conviction that we are Khair-e-Ummat, that is a community with a noble mission.  Success and Salvation for whole humanity is our mission. Showing the path to the whole world is our job; and promoting the values of equality, justice and truth is our ultimate goal.

This way, Islam makes our lives meaningful, it endows us with a great life purpose. It provides us a Pro-active Agenda. It makes our eyes focus on a noble destination and a brilliant dream.  We live for this dream. This Dream keeps us going and inculcates the zeal and energy to always keep moving forward. This thrusts us to hone and nourish ourselves and inspires to take our potentials to newer heights.

For a youth today, even a glance at a newspaper is enough to intensify his anger and frustration. The bombardments everywhere, the cities turning into ruins, torn up bodies of young children, streams of insults and abuse to Islam and Islamic symbols, the tyranny, the terrorism in the name of Islam; all these have the potential to cause serious blow to his self esteem. Furthermore, there is huge propaganda empire that is hell bent to connect Islam with all the ills of the world and to make people believe that Islam needs fundamental change; and then there exist everywhere the forces who want to exploit this situation and want to provoke and push the Muslim youth to the traps of extremism, so that slandering Islam becomes easier.

This pattern is visible in our country also. Sometimes violence in the name of cow vigilantism and sometimes creating fear and terror in universities; at times, violent insistence on  certain culture-specific form of nationalism and at times, meddling with medieval history; the target of all these projects is definitely the dignity and self esteem of Muslims and other minorities.

It is in this milieu that the Student Islamic organization of India has decided to conduct a national level conference under the central theme, “Reclaiming Dignity, Designing Future” .The proposed mega event is an effort to guide the youth to the right path and to orient their emotions in the right direction. The main message to be delivered is not to get disheartened by the circumstances, not to be panicky and not to get provoked either. No power in the universe can deprive us of the honour and position our Lord has bestowed on us.  If this honour is ever lost, it is lost because of our own misdeeds only.

We need to inculcate in ourselves the confidence that we are the last message of our lord in this world. We have the principles and values that the world desperately needs today.  We must move ahead confidently, to make this world a better place for all its inhabitants. Neither withdrawal from this responsibility is justified nor does our religion allow us to adopt extremist, violent or destructive means for our noble cause. Our mission to win the hearts and minds of people and we can do this by peacefully employing constructive means. Our values and principles are nothing but the voice of human conscience. They do possess great attraction and charm.  These values can make an end to all kinds of hatred and division; they can connect the hearts and can make an end to all ongoing trends of oppression, exploitation, division and discrimination. They can make friends out of enemies and can provide robust foundations for an ideal, peaceful and just society.

In the light of these dreams and values, let us design our own future. Let us set our eyes on our mission and destination and ignore all distractions and all temporal obstacles. Let us converge all our energies and focus on our desired future. If we do so, in sha Allah, the challenges will open up the new doors of opportunities and our destination itself will show us the path.

The conference will dwell deeply in the happenings around the world and the country and will pinpoint the opportunities that these happenings are creating for us. It will try to revoke the self confidence of youth, in the light of Islam’s universal teachings and the positive aspects of the current situation. The conference will also aim at presenting a clear roadmap to the youth, as to what they need to do in this situation and how they can create a better future.

Difficult times always have the potential to add the new wings to the communities and propel them to the new heights of success and well being and they can also shove them down the deep ditch of disgrace and misery, by paralyzing their arms. The conference envisages that these times become the means of revival and renaissance. In sha Allah.