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Reclaiming Dignity- Designing future

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For a community, one of the most disastrous perils of harsh circumstances and challenging times is to lose its dignity. If the dignity and self-confidence of a community is intact, it can rise from the ashes to the new heights of glory and can again prevail in the world. For such a community, obstacles become challenges; the stress of adversities, unravel their hidden strengths & potentials; the roadblocks push them to the discovery of new ways and with a renewed confidence, they embark on a new journey of success by opening up the new doors of opportunities.

On the contrary, if self-esteem and self-confidence are lost, even a small deterrent becomes a mountainous impediment; morale is dropped and vulnerability is increased. The frustration and disenchantment drive them to a range of compromises and retreats. Emotional shocks, disappointment, cynicism and psychosis become chains in their feet. Such communities are destined to vanish in the dustbin of history.

For the followers of Islam, no doubt, the current situation in our country and across the world is extremely challenging. The biggest goal of their enemies is to exploit this situation and deprive them of their dignity. They intend to impair our self-esteem; so that we become cynical about Islam, its principles and Values and its ideological foundations and start developing stigma to our own identity.

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